Some examples of simple projects I can teach are:


Travel Pillows




Fleece Hats



Services Provided

  • Small group sewing lessons (1-6 sewers)
  • Homeschool groups
  • Learn to operate your machine
  • Boy and Girl scout groups
  • Sew patches on Boy and Girl scout vests
  • Girl’s day/night out
  • Mother/daughter projects
  • Gifts for Mother’s/Father’s Day, Christmas, and more

All classes listed above are one and one-half hour long. Class fee is $20 plus $5 to use a sewing machine. All materials are included. You may bring your own sewing machine. Your machine must be in working condition and you must know how to operate it.

Not sure how to operate your machine?

Check out the separate class below for additional details.

Learn to Operate your Own Machine

You will have a one-on one lesson on how to operate your machine. Please bring your sewing machine, power cord, accessories, and owner’s manual. Class is one hour long. Class fee is $40. Contact Sandy to schedule a lesson.

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